Future Self 

An opportunity to share stories from Amazon's AWS diverse scholarship recipients.

While at Revery, we were tasked to create the visual framework as well as execution for a video series for Amazon Web Services (AWS). This series aimed to increase program awareness for a scholarship participants (cohorts), as well as build positive sentiment for AWS’s passion to increase equality and diversity in tech.

During each hero documentary, we touched on the cohort’s current and future project plans in the AIML space, as a piece of the overall human story. This second piece of our narrative allowed us to unpack their project in a more detailed way while showcasing the applied learning achieved through the scholarship program.

In addition to creating a thorough approach to art direction that would be shared with a variety of directors in numerous locations, we also needed to design a comprehensive visual language and tool kit to be used within the series, as well as other marketing applications.


Davis Priestley, Zak Marx, Sebastian Lopez, Elle Poindexter, Rodrigo Moyses, and more.


In order to make the Future Self series distinguished from the larger AWS video offerings and the larger Amazon brand, we focused on a primary palette of Cyan, Navy, and Greens to create a library of gradients. 

When using our colors, we kept in mind the nature of the applications we were designing for. For most instances, or brand colors were used as an accent. This 5 color primary palette, along with the larger brand neutrals, allowed for a a range of minimal to bold color expressions.


The typographic approach of AWS’s Future Self both had to be in harmony with the larger Amazon brand while also amplifying the voice of the series itself.

Our solution was to build onto the classic Amazon typographic stying by adding 2 additional type modes: Display, for larger copy expressions, and captions/details as a supportive design element.

Lastly, a highlighting effect was used when emphasis was needed for key words within copy. The color of the highlight and selected copy is dependent on the context and color usage.
Captions & Data 
Standard Hierarchy

Display Typography

Data Visualization

Throughout each episode there was the option to introduce data that is pertinent to the cohort’s mission as a way to further engage with the audience and heighten the impact of the story.

We created a tool kit of simple infographics that could be a applied to general or lighter forms of data, to complex graphics to convey complex themes. Each templated graph was made to echo the larger visual language of future self by using our established color palette, line work and, typography.
Circles & Slices
Points & Lines
Bars & Boxes

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