A new model of comprehensive care for those who are often unheard.

The Pill Club had established itself as one of the leading providers of birth control online. In the Summer of 2021 they felt the need to be more than that. They noticed that their consumers felt the healthcare industry/system left people feeling rarely heard and often unseen. In order to be the holistic healthcare provider The Pill Club did not see in the marketplace, they had to expand their initial vision. They contacted Character to help structure and focus this goal, along with shaping the look and tone of this newer parent brand, Favor.

Via positioning, we focused on becoming the wellbeing coalition we’ve been waiting for. When developing what this would look and sound like, we found inspiration in traditionally feminine art forms, particularly quilting. We created a colorful, layered, graphic system composed of "blocks" representing their current and future offerings. 

With this new identity in place, we were then able to apply it digitally via a website redesign. We also created new packaging for both their birth control offerings, as well as new products that catered to sexual wellness, period care, skin care and more. Lastly we were able to shoot a launch campaign of still and video assets, depicting the sense of camaraderie found within women and people who menstruate. 

This resulted in a vibrant, clear, and expressive identity, distinct from other women focused healthcare. Our system allowed us to focus on the various stories of all women, as well as people who identify, present, or have presented as women.

Character (NY)

Tish Evangelista, Margaret Biebel, Laura Kelley, Mo Hy, Vanessa Lam, Fen Fen Chen, Brandi Steele, and Chao Wang

Elizabeth Weinberg

Favor Monogram

Favor Wordmark & Colorways

Quilting Blocks

The graphic language for Favor is inspired by the narrative nature of quilting. Each shape is assigned a meaning that correlates with a service/product category offered. These shapes are then used to create compositions assigned to subsections or goals within each category. Thus creating an expansive tapestry of visuals.

"Cornelia Bersteen 1849."

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