A brand that sees to usher in the connected kitchen movement by empowering at-home cooks.

Fresco (Drop at the time) had become one of the first and more successful smart kitchen companies. The connected home is a burgeoning market, and the kitchen space is ripe for innovation. There was a need to expand beyond their current offerings, to become a  truly strong, and ownable brand for long-term growth.

People are both interacting with technology and cooking more than ever. However, instead of technology easing the cooking experience, it now created unforeseen pressures (instead of creating a culinary oasis.) This is where Fresco stepped in, offering "to bridge the gap between intention and action around cooking". Via its app, it connects all the smart kitchen devices found within your home to create a harmonic, simple, and empowering cooking experience.

Visually, we jumped at this idea of connection. Each component in the kitchen was distilled into a simple form (in this case a circle/dot), working in tandem to create and meal worth sharing. Our system aimed to remind viewers of a seamless, lively, savory cooking experience. With a modular grid as its backbone, we created a variety of expressions that all pointed to the idea of  "Connecting dots in the kitchen".

The goal was to balance a kinetic and rhythmic sensibility that can be found within the kitchen, while still feeling rooted within tech. The outcome is a warm, accessible, sharp and lively rebrand that is embodies Fresco itself.

Character (NY)

Ben Phan, Teri Kaplan, Kaitlin Maud, Laura Kelley, Mo Hy, Jake Kincaid, and Larry Brown

Kitchen Essentials

The key visuals for the Fresco identity relates directly to our brand idea of “Connecting the dots in the kitchen”. We created a toolkit made up of categories of circle based graphic elements.  Inspired and named after kitchen techniques (Prepping, Slicing, Baking, Seasoning, and Binding), this minimalist approach was then tactfully applied to every visual element from illustration to image containers.

(Examples to the right)

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