Nike By You

A collaboration between consumers and an iconic brand.

20 years after launching Nike-iD, Nike needed to reposition itself as leaders in footwear customization. We were asked to focus the very inconsistent visual/strategic usage of Nike-iD. The goal was to fit seamlessly within the world of Nike, but standing alone as its own unique identity.

Strategically we wanted to highlight all the unique possible variations that came with Nike’s customization service. This meant reflecting so in the visual identity. Making a truly collaborative system between Nike and You. Black outlined graphics and copy serves as the base layer (Nike). The top layer is expressive and creative (You)working with the base layer to create a truly personal and visual language that is always Nike by You.



Greg Hahn, Simon Chong, Dylan Mulvaney, Andrew Keating, Daniel Edmundson, Carter Bird, Claire Banks and Eddy Nieto.

D&AD Wood Pencil Winner (2019)

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