lululemon: Like New 

Rethink. Revive. Rediscover.

Continuing with its sustainability efforts, lululemon decided to start a new recommerce program. To help propel this new effort, Character was asked to work within the foundation of the established lululemon brand, and create a distinct visual identity to introduce Like New to the public. Along with this identity, we were asked to build a microsite, social assets, packaging, and lastly a launch campaign.

Because the program itself had three cyclical steps, we wanted to visually bring to mind the idea of Circularity. Using only a new color palette and copy, we created a rich archive of 2D and 3D graphics to be used in motion, with imagery, as well as on their own. In addition, we wanted to showcase the exceptional quality of the clothing that would be found within the program. Each application aimed to be informative, asperational, and sustainable.

What resulted was a cohesive campaign and system applied on various applications from instagram post to billboards in strategically placed in key markets. Our identity successfully felt new, while still echoing the already established lululemon brand. The pilot did well enough that the Like New program was then launched nationwide.

Character (NY)


Tish Evangelista, Sarah Blumenstein, Abigail Maravalli, Laura Kelley, Brandi Steele, Caroline Jones, Jake Kincaid, and Larry Brown

Arturo Torres

Campaign selects with graphic treaments (Slideshow)

The conceptual idea behind the visuals for Like New was “Circularity” as a nod to the cyclical nature of of the program.

Campaign selects with graphic treaments (Slideshow)

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